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This website has a brief history of Strathmere New Jersey, as we know it. It is a work in progress, and we are always looking for more items and info to add to this site. Please contact us ( if you have anything that can be used to add to our tribute to Strathmere. We are looking for vintage photos of homes & vacations, souvenirs, personal stories, and histories of homes, people and places in Strathmere.

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  • Help Wanted!!

    If you have info, or images that we can add to the site - please EMAIL Carol
    We are looking for history, vacation memories, your favorite vacation house, a picture of Grandma or the kids on the beach - send it to us! The more contributions that we get, the greater the tribute to Strathmere we'll have! Even if you have only 1 or 2 photos, we are still interested, and they don't have to be very old photos. I am hoping to add pages for the history of the Upper Township Beach Patrol, the hurricane of 1944, and houses in Whale Beach before the storm of '62. I also want to do a page of vintage vacation photos and a page of stories and memories. If you are unable to send images by computer, email me and I'll send you info on how to get the images to us. Any contributions to the site will be greatly appreciated, and credit will be given.

    Contact Riordan Real Estate in Strathmere for sales/rentals

    Thanks for visiting! -
    Urine Gone
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