The storm of 1962

Sometimes called The Great Atlantic Storm of 1962' or the 'Ash Wednesday Storm' 'The Nor'Easter hit Strathmere in March 1962. For 3 days the storm battered the eastern coast down to the Carolinas. There were reports of 20 foot waves, and 70+ mile winds down the eastern coast of the US. Beaches and barrier islands were washed away along with many homes, forever changing the entire coastline. There use to be several beachfont homes on the oceanside of the point in Strathmere, which were destroyed. Sand dunes fill that area now, where those homes once stood.

The first group of personal photos were sent to us by a Strathmere resident. The photos were taken after the storm, and show the extensive damage that many homes suffered. Some homes were rebuilt or moved to 'safer' locations, while some were damaged beyond repair.

This photo shows a view of the ocean towards the point, you can see the old Coast Guard Tower to the left. The following photos are closer views of the house shown toppled on the beach. That house was somehow salvaged and moved to Commonwealth, near the bridge, where it still stands today.


This little cottage on Winthrop, still stands today.

The next 3 photos are back, side and front views of a beachfront cottage. You can see the roof that was blown off of another house on the beach behind it.

This rancher was repaired, and still stands today, on Neptune, across from the beach.









Some houses managed to remain standing after the storm, while others collapsed.



This house at the end of Tecumseh wasn't so lucky

The 3 storm photos below were sent to us by Lucille DeAngelis Ettore. Her family owned a house on Vincent street in the 1960's. The first house is another view of the Tecumseh house shown just above. The 2nd house is believed to be on Ocean Drive. The last photo is that house again! That house must be the most photographed 'storm house'. It still seems amazing to me that they were able to save enough of it to rebuild it on Commonwealth.


2nd St & Sounds Ave in Sea Isle

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