Strathmere History - 50 Vincent Road -

This is a house that I have always wondered about. I've only seen a few photos of it from the early 1900s, and then it disappeared. I assumed that it was destroyed, like so many houses, in the 1944 hurricane. The house was featured on a postcard (above) advertising developer Edward M. Cutler in the early 1900s. It can be seen in the background of this early 1900s fishing photo. It was on the beach at Vincent.

John Loughlin recently sent me some old family photos of the home that his grandparents Agnes and Bill Loughlin owned in the 1920s and 1930s. It turned out to be this house! I'm so glad to learn some history about it.
Agnes and Bill Loughlin, photo dated 1919, not in Strathmere. Bill bought a share of the house from his brother-in-law Jim McArdle. The house was at the end of Vincent, literally on the beach, and it had a porch that wrapped around on three sides. At one point, the house was moved back 500 ft closer to shore. But it was ultimately washed away by a hurricane in 1938.

Family members sitting on the Vincent rd bulkhead, 1930s and 1940s

On the beach in the 1930s

Strathmere cousins - Denise McArdle, Bob & Helen Loughlin, ML and Bill Stanton

Helen Loughlin, Bill Stanton, Denise McArdle and Bob Loughlin

Denise McArdle, Bob & Helen Loughlin

I don't think this photo is in Strathmere.

The Strathmere Beach Patrol stand and boat

Agnes and Bill Loughlin, with the pilings and all that was left of the house, photo dated September 1946.

The Strathmere Post Office, 1930s? Before it moved to it's current location.

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