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Here is a fantastic aerial view sent to us by Ken Weaver.The photo was taken from atop the old water tower and it looks like it's from the mid to late 1930s. It's of the original car bridge that use to come into town by The Deauville and the West Jersey PRR bridge too. Notice the houses that use to stand on the other side of the bay. Click image for a great large view.

This is an older aerial view. You can see the West Jersey train line and the old car bridge are running into the town. The photo could have been taken between the 1930's and 1940's, before our current toll bridge was built.

The following is an aerial from 1937 with 2 closer edits of the same photo. From Ralph Forbes.

The next few views are from the 1950's. Ralph Forbes.

The 2 images below are closer edits of the above aerial.



1960's - before the storm of '62

The aerial below was taken right after the storm in 1962.
You can still see the water is high and the sand is still in the streets


Two 1962 storm aerial photos and closer edits of each. From Ralph Forbes.

This one shows properties marked that are available for sale
during an auction held in the early 60's, after the storm.

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