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A time capsule captured in pictures - sportsmen visiting Gus Wittkamp's West Jersey Cottage, in Corson's Inlet. Corson's Inlet was well known for it's bay and surf fishing, and for it's shore bird hunting. There are mentions of it's renowned fishing in many early fishing guides and magazines such as Field & Stream and books like 'Salt Water Fishing'.
These pictures were discovered and preserved by Robert Bossett, who is a collector of decoys and early Jerseyana. His son Henry took the time to find our website online and contact us about the photos. He then took on the time consuming task of scanning and editing the photos to send them to us for use on the website. We thank them both greatly for realizing the historical value that the photos had, and I cannot express how grateful we are for the time spent in getting them to us so that we could include them in the history of Strathmere.

There are no dates written in the photo album that these pictures came from. One photo had a car with 1914 tags, but we aren't sure if that photo was taken in Strathmere. Our best guess is that these photos were from around 1912

Two of the men arriving in Corson's Inlet. Notice their fishing gear and guncase on the ground next to them. In the background you can see the traintrack. You also see the back of the Deauville, then still called the Whelen. There is a building behind the Inn, which was later torn down, and a there is also house that was later demolished when the car bridge was built in it's spot years later. The Gable House (see it between the men) still stands today.

A great side view of Gus Wittkamp's West Jersey Cottage and the train track in front of it. Notice the white tent? Many fishermen in the early 1900s would camp for the Summer on the beach of the Bay or out on the point.

A front view of the West Jersey Cottages. The annex (our house) stills stand on Winthrop.
The hotel had a diagonal boardwalk that lead to the West Jersey train station and to the bay beach.

Two fishermen on the beach at Wittkamp's Wharf next to the West Jersey Cottage. The Wittkamps had many boats available for daily rentals.
The West Jersey train bridge is in the background.

Some more views of the West Jersey train bridge and the pier at Wittkamp's Wharf

Three views of the fishermen coming in from a day of fishing in the bay.
You can see the West Jersey strain station in the first photo and the West Jersey Cottages in the 2nd photo

The fishermen show off their catch of the day! The next 4 photos were taken with the West Jersey train station in the background.

More trophy photos, these taken on the porch of the West Jersey Cottage

The next two photos were taken around the back of West Jersey Cottage.

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