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Augustus Lutz was an older man who worked odd jobs at the West Jersey Cottage. He took care of the boats and cleaned the fish. Bertha Wittkamp had told us that Mr. Lutz was a friend of her father Gus, and that he had served in the Civil War (if that is true, that would have made him in his 70s when these photos were taken) Bertha said that they use to call him Grandpa, and in the Summer he slept in the attic of our house.
In the first photo, Augustus stands in front of the West Jersey train station, you can see the Whelen Inn (the Deauville) in the background. The 2nd photo shows him cleaning a fish around the back of the West Jersey Cottage.

Fishermen out on the point

Surf fishing on the ocean side, and reeling in a shark. In the photos you can see an old bungalow that had porches on all 4 sides. It was destroyed in the hurricane of 1944. In the other photos you can see the Erbe cottage when it was beachfront. It was moved in and over to the next street after the hurricane. You can also see a white tent in the first photo, probably more fishermen camping on the beach.

The first photo looks like a shark hanging on the pier at Wittkamp's Wharf on the bay. The 2nd & 3rd photos look like beach catches.

More men fishing, looks like they are out on the ocean side.

Cleaning fish, and the big fish weigh in at 51, 30, 59 and 78 pounds!

Great photos of the men hunting shore birds. Check out those decoys! First four photos are on the ocean side.

Next the men set up their decoys in the marshes across the bay.
Look closely in the background of the 1st photo, and you can see the a-frame of the West Jersey Railroad bridge.

Blocking the wind to light a cigarette

Back to shore with the catch of the day

Back on the beach at Wittkamp's Wharf with many birds

Another man back from a successful day of hunting shore birds, on the walkway next to the West Jersey Cottage

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