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Here is a great wide view taken out on the point, looking towards the bay. (click image for larger view)
You can barely make out the Deauville, West Jersey Cottage, the a-frame of the railroad bridge and the brown bungalow

On the front porch at the West Jersey Cottage

The front porch again, this was the Wittkamp's dog

This photo shows a man raking the grass in front of the West Jersey Cottage, with a few people on the porch and the a-frame to the railroad bridge visable in the background.

The photo next 3 photos are of a pretty young lady on the wooden walkway that use to run down the side of the West Jersey Cottage. The hotel is to the left and the annex to the hotel would have been on the right. Straight back is the old boathouse.

Next is the same young lady in the front yard of the annex to the West Jersey Cottage

Lady fisherman on the bay beach

Here are some closer house views from some of the images -
First is a view of the Erbe Cottage which use to stand on the end of Vincent. To the left of it you can see Mrs. Bergus' house, and I believe that is also Troemner's house and Carother's further in the background.

This bungalow with a 4 sided porch use to stand at the end of Vincent before the hurricane of 1944

I believe that here you can see the back of Mrs. Price's house and the concrete houses that use to stand on the ends of Sumner and Sherman. Mrs. Price's home and the concrete house on Sherman were destroyed in the 1944 hurricane. The Sherman concrete house had a mosiac of the profile of an Indian on it's outside wall. The ruins of that house remained on the beach many years with the Indian mosiac still visable. Kids back then use to call it the 'Indian Rocks'. The concrete house on Sumner was torn down recently and a new house built in it's place.

In the background of this photo is the brown bungalow that still stands on the bay side of the point.

These three photos appear to have been taken in Sea Isle City

Strathmere Home

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