Carson College For Girls, Summer in Strathmere 1931 page 2

The girls also spent alot of time fishing and crabbing. They went to Oscar Wermouth's docks to be towed out into the bay by Oscar to fish or crab. They nicknamed two of the boats 'Pea Green' and 'Columbus' Several times they went out rowing on their own, but the tide pulled them out to the bridge one time and some fellows from the Coast Guard had to pull their little boat back in. That Summer they caught 56 fish, a few eels (one was given to Mrs. Wermouth) and 575 crabs. Below are some photos of the docks at Wermouths and the girls out in the boats.


The last photo below shows one of the girls diving on the bay. You can see the old car bridge in the background.



One day a few of the girls went out in a boat with Mrs. Allnutt and caught 9 flounders. Below are the girls and those fish, and the other photos show off some more catches and some fish cleaning.






Next are photos taken on the street in front of The Runcible Spoon, featuring a few of the girls with crabs and star fish.



Next is Jake the cat and Emily. Muffin the cat had some kittens at the house during the Summer too.


This photo was taken at the end of Vincent, you can barely see the pavilion in the left corner.
These were some visitors who stayed with the girls for a few days.



The girls nicknamed their Chevy 'Napoleon' . The for sale sign was found in the backyard.


Getting ready for a shopping trip to Sea Isle




The baby parade on the boardwalk in Sea Isle, late August 1931


On August 1st, the girls had a visit from Walter Perkins, he signed the scrapbook and later sent a letter to Mrs. Allnutt. It looks like he was from Carson College and was visiting Strathmere to check on the girls. He referred to the Summer rental as 'The Carson College Summer Cottage'. Click on the image below so see a closer view of his letter, addressed to the Vincent address.


Lastly is a photo of some of the girls that appeared in a newspaper, mentioning their stay in Strathmere.



Strathmere Home

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