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George & Catharine McCullough came to Strathmere in 1909. They built the first country store in Strathmere, George was the first postmaster here, and they also started a real estate business and building & loan company in Strathmere. All while rasing 6 children. Pete O'Kane is a grandchild of George & Catharine and we were very lucky to have him share his old family photos with us to use on the website. Pete's stepfather Frank Quinn maintained the 4 albums that these photos came from, documenting names and dates and places. The photos are a great look back at some of the history of Strathmere.

To the left is a very early photo of the general store that the McCulloughs built in Strathmere on the corner of Tecumseh & Commonwealth. This photo is from around 1911, before the porch was built across the front of the store. The family lived on the two upper floors and youngest daughter Jean was born here. In a few years, the building would also house Strathmere's first post office.

The photo to the right is another one taken on the front step before the porch was built, possibly from 1909. It shows Grandfather McCullough (George's father) with Elizabeth (Bish) McCullough, and a chicken.

Next is an early family photo, from around 1911, taken on the 2nd floor side porch. It shows some of the McCullough kids and some cousins. Front row - Delphine McCullough, Mollie (Whims Hyer), Edmund Whims, Justine Whims, Bish McCullough and Paul Whims. Standing in the back is Mrs. Ulmer with baby Alfred McCullough, Catharine McCullough, Aunt Isabelle, Grandma McCullough & Annie Whims (Catharine McCullough's sister)


More McCulloughs & cousins! Left photo from the back - Annie Whims, Edmond Whims, Mollie Whims, Delphine McCullough, Justina Whims, Bish McCullough and Paul Whims. Photo from Mollie Whims Hyer.

Below - Annie Whims in the middle of Mollie Whims, Delphine McCullough, Justina Whims, Bish McCullough, Paul Whims, Edmund Whims and 2 Ulmer boys



From 1918, The McCullough children near the steps to the side porch of the house on the corner of Tecumseh & Commonwealth - Delphine, Bish, Alfred, Nancy, Baby Jean & Stasia. Below is a photo of Baby Jean, one of the few babies that were actually born in Strathmere. She was born on the 3rd floor of the house in 1915.


First photo - an early portrait of Delphine McCullough, the oldest of the McCulloughs' 6 children. Next is Bish & Delphine McCullough posing for a photo in Atlantic City around 1911. 3rd photo is Bish & Nancy McCullough in Strathmere. The last photo shows Delphine setting on a boat on the bay with the original car bridge in the background.


Delphine McCullough in Strathmere with the family's dog Gup on a pile of lumber. Next is Delphine from around 1916, with Tecumseh in the background. The 3rd photo is Bish McCullough in 1918, on the corner of 8th and Central in Ocean City.


Four photos of Delphine McCullough. 1st is Delphine from around 1918-1919, standing on the steps of the side porch on the family's home at Tecumseh & Commonwealth. Next is Del in a swimsuit out on the Strathmere beach, from the late Teens to early 20s. I think that's the Winters' cottage behind her, which used to stand beachfront at Webster. Next is Del from the early 1920s standing next to the family's home probably after they moved to Sherman & Commonwealth. Then a very pretty studio photo of Delphine.


Delphine McCullough gave birth to the first McCullough grandchild in 1927. Albert O'Kane, better known as Pete. Below are two photos of Delphine & baby Pete. Then Pete on the beach in Strathmere in 1930, with a beached whale in the background. The last photo is a group of children and ladies including Jean McCullough holding nephew Pete O'Kane, in the back on the left side.


The next two photos are Pete in front of the McCullough family's second home in Strathmere, on the corner of Sherman & Commonwealth (the building later became the Strathmere Motel) It's 1930 and that's Jean McCullough in the background. The home also housed the Strathmere Real Estate Co, which you can see painted on the window in the background. George & Catharine ran the realty company along with the Strathmere Building & Loan Co. and the Strathmere post office was located in the downstairs of their home too, with George as Post Master and Catharine as assistant


Next is a very old photo of a young Catharine McCullough, probably from before she was married. The 2nd photo shows Catharine in the background with her grandmother Mrs. Ketner to the left, her mother Mrs. Shortall to the right and daughter Delphine McCullough in the front. Not really Strathmere related, but I just though it was a great photo, showing 4 generations of a family from the early 1900s.



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