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George & Catharine McCullough in 1938 in front of the house at the corner of Sherman & Commonwealth (later to become the Strathmere Motel)

Mr.McCullough passed away on his 71st birthday in 1948. He was still working as a traveling auditor for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He passed away, while doing his job and riding on the Buffalo-Phila train. Mrs. McCullough passed away in her Strathmere home in 1950 after a very bad NE storm hit Strathmere. Her death had a traumatic affect on the McCullough family. They were unable to get her body out of the home for several days because of the damage of the storm. Daughter Nancy McCullough Weaver had died suddenly of viral pneumonia at Surf Hospital in Sea Isle in 1948. The 3 sudden deaths along with the 2 major storms in less than 6 years were a big part of the remaining McCulloughs deciding to sell their homes and move away from Strathmere in 1951.

Some family photos from 1938. First photo shows Ken Weaver Sr., Bish McCullough, Mrs. McCullough, Joe McFadden, Stasia & Jean McCullough and Bob Spiecker. 2nd photo is Stasia with husband Bob Spiecker. 3rd photo is Nancy McCullough Weaver and Ken Weaver Sr.



Bish & husband Joe McFadden in front of the McCullough home on Sherman/Commonwealth

Jean & husband Dick Johnson in front of the home in 1940


Bish and Joe McFadden on a bike on Sherman in 1932

Jean on a snowy Sherman Road. The large house seen at the end of the road in this photo and in the photo of Joe above, used to stand beachfront at the end of Sherman. Later it was moved to the corner of Sherman & Commonwealth, just across from the McCullough's home (later the Strathmere Motel) The Weavers lived in the house at its new location for several years, then moved across the street to live with Catharine, George & Jean after Nancy McCullough Weaver's death in 1948. The house still stands there today.


Mr. McCullough, Stasia, Joe McFadden and Bish in the side yard of the family home on Sherman/Commonwealth


Mr. McCullough in the backyard of the house with a chicken, and Carruther's cottage in the background. 1938


Mr. McCullough with Al & Betty McCullough sitting on the William's concrete cottage that collapsed on the beach at Sherman.



Nancy & Jean McCullough with a pet goat. Jean & Delphine. Al in front of the Sherman/Commonwealth house


Someone with a bike along the Commonwealth side of the McCullough home, with the Realty window showing, and Carruther's Cottage in the background


Ken Weavers Sr. & Jr. in the side yard of McCullough's, with dog Shamrock


McCullough Grandkids

First photo - Richie Johnson, Katie & Ken Weaver setting on the fence in front of Delphine's house on Commonwealth.
2nd photo - Nancy McCullough Weaver with her children Katie & Ken, and Jean McCullough Johnson's children Richie & Susie
3rd photo - Nancy and the kids again, walking south on Commonwealth with the old family home on Tecumseh/Commonwealth in the background. These 3 photos are taken in front of where Riordan Realty office is today.


Katie Weaver & Susie Johnson with the family dog Spunky in the side yard of the McCullough's house on Sherman. The Weavers lived in the house behind them


Ken & Katie Weaver, Richie & Susie Johnson. 2nd photo is Al & Betty McCullough & family.


Strathmere Beach 1954, from left - Eddie McCullough, Susie Johnson, Stasia McCullough, Mollie McCullough, Katie Weaver, Richie Johnson, Bobby McCullough and Kenny Weaver.


1954 - Richie, Bobby, Mollie, Katie, Kenny and Susie. And Stasia, Pete and Eddie in the front.



Strathmere Beach 1956 - from left - Richie Johnson, Bob McCullough, Katie Weaver, Mollie McCullough, Mary Beth Spiecker, Stasia McCullough, Georgie Spiecker, Susie Johnson and Eddie McCullough



The McCullough siblings reunite in 1956 on the beach in Strathmere -
Bish, Delphine, Al, Jean & Stasia


Al & Stasia in 1975



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