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This was once known as the 'Gables House' it still stands overlooking the bay, on the otherside of the Deauville.

Another old bayfront house, still standing with some new additions. The outhouse is long gone now!
The old photo is a view from the bay. The new photos are views from the street and the bay

This house was once the 'W.A.P. Thompson' house. The porches have been built in, but you can still see the destinctive sloped roof. The 2 houses above can bee seen in the background of the old photo.

The 3rd photo is aview from the bay.

Frank's Boat Rentals (I'm looking for some history & vintage photos)

A view from the bay taken a few years back, showing Frank's and the rental boats.
Frank's has closed now - you can rent boats at Whale Creek Marina.

The former Coast Guard Building.

Read more of the History of the Coast Guard Building

The old Coast Guard Boathouse

Dr. Rosenbach's Boathouse, 1930s postcard

Read about The History of The Boathouse

The Boathouse, seen from the bay.

Early view of bayfront houses.

The larger house was built by George Erbe in 1905. It was built from a very hard wood called Carolina Lumber. The lumber was brought into Strathmere by horse and wagon by way of Sea Isle. Mr. Erbe lived in Philadelphia and ran a bar there. He later retired to Strathmere. He also later built the 2 smaller homes next to this one. He raised homing pigeons as a hobby, and they were kept near the front corner of the larger house. He also built a large beachfront house, which was moved inland a little after the hurricane of 1944.
The new photo shows the back views of the houses. These two homes were recently demolished.

The 3rd house was also built by Mr. Erbe. Of the 3 homes, it's the only still standing on the bay.

This was built by Edward T. Andress in 1912, and owned by the 'Andress' family for many years after. Their son Edward was born in this house in 1929, and daughter Katherine was also born in the house in 1931.

The family ran a boat rental business and sold bait, and they later had a luncheonette on the docks out back.
Read more about the history of the house, and see photos taken after the fire that destroyed it HERE

An early photo of Twisties when it was called The Strathmere Inn.

History of Twisties

Twisties, a view from the bay before the rebuild. And a photo from 2013.

Mazzeo's House on the bay - before and after raising and renovating-

The mural painted on the bayside of this house was created by lifelong Strathmere resident & artist Mike McNally

The Minnow Box, seen from the street and from the bay.

'Johnsons' House still stands on the bay, near the end of Tecumseh. In the old photo, you can see the old water tower.

Jim and Betty Panunto, started coming to Strathmere in the early 1940's. They bought the May's Boat Yard in the late 40's and built the Bayview Motel in it's spot on the bay.

The Bayview Motel - For history & vintage photos check out The Panunto Family History

The 2nd photo was sent to the website by Lori Barnes. Lori says - "Miss the Bayview now that it is gone, gone, gone. This is 1975, my mom Linda Weaver (now Mathewson), me (Lori Weaver Barnes) and my sister (Holly Weaver) on our annual two week vacation at the shore. I learned to swim in that pool and loved buying penny candy from Mrs. Pinunto in the hotel lobby. Good times"

The bay view was torn down in recent years and a private home now stands in it's place.

An old picture of the Mays house, from the late 40's.

Corson's Inlet Marina

Bayview, East Side

This Bayview home was refurbished in 1990 by the Clifford Family, and then recently lifted.

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Photos were taken 6/16 & 9/8/02 and 6/13
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