Strathmere 1949

This collection of photos was sent to the website by Larry Hyer. The photos are from 1949, when Larry worked at the Wittkamp's soda fountain, which was on the corner of Willard & Commonwealth (now the Italian restaurant) The post office was also in the building and Harlan Wittkamp had a garage next door.

1st photo - Larry Hyer & Peggy Garoh. 2nd photo - Jimmie Garoh, Peggy Garoh & Joe Dawson

Jimmie Garoh

A photo of Peggy Garoh with the Deauville and the bridge in the background

1st photo - both are unknown. 2nd photo - Joe Dawson & unknown girl

Two more photos of Peggy Garoh in front of the Wittkamp's store

1st photo - Larry Hyer. 2nd photo - unknown girl & Joe Dawson in front of Harlan's garage

1st photo - a view of the front of Harlan Wittkamp's garage. 2nd photo - unknown youngster who shared Gogs Wittkamp's passion for the pinball machine

1st photo - Kenny Weaver (son of Nancy McCullough Weaver) and Richie Johnson, (son of Jean McCullough Johnson) 2nd photo - Kenny & Richie with a friend in the middle

More of the McCullough clan - The back/left is Bobby McCullough (son of Al McCullough, the only boy among George & Catharine McCullough's 6 children) Kenny Weaver (son of Nancy McCullough Weaver) The front/left is Sue Johnson (daughter of Jean McCullough Johnson) Kate Weaver (daughter of Nancy McCullough Weaver) and Rich Johnson (son of Jean McCullough Johnson)

1st photo - Joe Dawson. 2nd photo - The girl on the left is Eleanor Grisell now Regan. The girl on the right is Marjorie Hoerr, daughter of Joan and Bill Hoerr.

1st photo - Al Tauscher. 2nd photo - lifeguard George Carmona. 3rd photo - lifeguard Bob Muller

Both photos - Peter O'Kane (son of Delphine McCullough) an unknown girl and John Walsh

1st photo - lifeguard John Walsh. 2nd photo - Paul Gibney, he and his family, for many years, rented an apartment at the Brown family's apartments on the corner of Seacliff and Commonwealth Avenues

Pete O'Kane

Views of the Bay. Click image for larger view

Strathmere Home


Photos copyright Larry Hyer, Do not copy or reproduce.