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These two photos were sent to us by David Barr. David says - "That is me, David Barr and my mother, Elaine Barr. They are dated October 1967. Our family would go down and stay for a week or two with "Aunt" Bertha and "Aunt" Shashee (Estelle)." On Winthrop Rd.

The following photos were given to us by The Heffelfingers of Webster. The photos were given to them by Bettie Doyle Diamond. As a child she vacationed in Strathmere with her family, and stayed on Webster, in the house that would later be owned by the Heffelfingers. The 3 photos were taken after the hurricane that devastated Strathmere in 1944. Two ladies gingerly walk by what remains of the 'C.B. Winters House' which stood beachfront on Webster. The 2nd photo is a back view of the same house, someone is climbing out of the window. The 3rd photo shows 2 more houses. The tall one was once known as the 'Erbe Cottage' which stood beachfront on Vincent. The house is now a story shorter and on Webster.

This group of photos were sent to us by a longtime Strathmere resident. The first photo is a view looking north on Neptune, from the window of a house that still stands there today. This photo was taken in 1957, and shows the old Coast Guard Tower on the point, and the houses that use to be beachfront, before the storm of 1962. The 2nd photo was taken right after the storm in '62. It shows the damage done to one of those beachfront homes, with the tower still in the background. This home was rebuilt and moved away from the beach, to Commonwealth. More 1962 Storm Photos
The 3rd photo is also from 1967, and it shows some work being done on the beach at Neptune & Williams

Below is an ad for a property auction in Strathmere in the early to mid 1960's.
25 empty lots were being auctioned off on the point.
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Our first vintage lifeguard photo!
This one was sent to us by Lucille DeAngelis. The photo is from 1964 and shows Lucille with some Vincent street lifeguards. The guy on the left is Jerry Kidd, who stayed on Tecumseh, and the other fellow is unknown.

See the name on the boat is 'Strathmere Beach Patrol'


A whale on the beach in 1950's. The photos are believed to have been taken on Whale Beach. Photos from Loretta Panunto.

The next 4 photos are from Loretta Panunto. They show Commonwealth around 1949. In the first 2 photos you are looking south, and on the left you can see the building that would eventually become the Strathmere Motel. At the time these photos were taken, the building would have housed the McCullough family along with their realty office and savings & loan office. The second 2 photos show a view looking north, and you can see Thompkin's Store.

Remember this house? Loretta Panunto managed to snap a picture of it just before it was totally demolished.

The following 7 photos were sent to the website by Wayne Parfitt. He and his family use to stay at the Moore house on Vincent. The photo on the left is of the house from 1955. Below is a photo of Wayne on the Vincent beach with Grandmother Moore and mother Edna Parfitt

Two family portraits from 1955, taken in the back and side yards of the Moore house.

Uncle Charlie use to dock his boat 'Dopey' at Twisties. With the day's catch in the backyard.

On the beach at Vincent.

These photos were sent to us by Buzz Keifer.
The 1st photo is the cottage at Jasper Rd in Whale Beach that belonged to Les & Edie Harker, taken after a storm in 1950. The cottage was later destroyed in the 1962 storm.
2nd one is Les Harker in front of Harker's Corner, cleaning a windshield. Harkers bought the store from the Balottas.

Below is Les Harker and daughter Janet who worked at Harker's Corner. Next is Edie & Janet Harker at Harkers Corner around 1960.
Next is Les Harker at Franks Dock 1951 in his boat.

Nancy & Janet Harker in the cottage at Jasper.
Lastly is Shermer's house at The Point with cable attached to it, shows beach level then.

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