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This group of photos was given to us by Sue Dennis Winters.
From Sue"My parents had one of the trailers at the "Trailer Park' starting in 1950. We lived in Clayton NJ, just about an hours ride away and had made many day trips to Strathemre before then. My dad, Frank Dennis loved to fish and my mother, Adele and my sister Sandra and I .......Susan Dennis loved the beach. Our first overnight stay in Strathmere was at the old hotel on the bay. We spent a long week-end with the Barclays, also of Clayton. I remember each of us kids was allowed to bring along a friend so there was lots of kids. Susanne Barclay Lindner and I have remained very good friends over all these years. Our first year in Strathmere, my sister worked at the "counter" at Harkers corner, and I was the bus girl. The next year I got a job at Mildred's where Susanne Barclay and I worked with Judy Yeager all through high school and into my college years. I LOVE is in my blood!! I have taken my children and grandchild there and they all love it too. I have many fond memories of Strathmere, even though I worked 8 hours a day....many days were split, so I always go a few hours on the beach everyday. I love the fact the is STILL the same!!! I love the stinky smell of low tide and walking on the big wide beach. My daughter couldn't get over it..... like a step back in time, only different generations of kids living there now."

Sue sent us these photos, including 2 great photos of the Navy camping on the Point. She also including two poems that she wrote about Strathmere

Oh Strathmere, sweet Strathmere
To me you are so dear
I love your bay and love your sea
You are the very breath of life to me

When warm days come once again
Many more people do enjoy your shore
Others run their boats in your bay
All enjoying the sun of your day

You are small, but closely knit
Two bodies of water around you fit
The Atlantic to the East, above Corsen’s Inlet
And Ludlam Bay where the sun does set

Jimmy Twist is a place we all go
And at night where the kids have their hop
Charlie’s Place there on the bay
Where you rent boats and bait for the day

Oh Strathmere, sweet Strathmere
To me you are sincere
I love every inch of you
Which includes your waters blue

Andress Dock with all it’s crew
And Capt Shaffer is there too
I can’t forget the “Starfish” and “Sea Bee”
Who all season long fish at sea

The house that has a floating dock
The airboat, pool table and the clock
The house with the fence and the trailers too
All of these things are a part of you

Millie’s a favorite spot
For Italian food, good and hot
Up at the point, where nature does prevail
Stands a tower, around which the winds wail

'Our Summer And The Navy'
It happened all so suddenly
When the Navy did arrive
They sure did cause commotion
Through they numbered only five

They were here a few days
When we finally went
Up the beach to their camp
And into the equipment tent

Their camp was in the sand dunes
Around the Coast Guard tower
They had a lot of visitors
Most ever day and hour

Tom who came from Texas
Dave and Pat from the middle west
A southerner named Lewis the cook
And Chief Wooten who was the best

LORAC support team number two
Was the name this outfit went by
They were on a secret mission
That we couldn’t find out though we tried

We would sit in the tent with the radio on
And hear ASTORIA , a ship a sea
They would ask for a count down , then say mark
What they were doing was a mystery to me

They had a tower high in the dunes
That had something to do with this all
First Tugwell purple, then Tugwell Green
Then Tugwell Mike would call

The camp consisted only of
Three big tents, that’s it
One they slept in, one to eat,
And one where we just sit

They had four vehicles
As far a I could see
Two new Navy trucks
Louie’s ford, and Tom’s MG

They were all quite busy
When the new man came
To help with their job
And Gary was his name

All through the day and night time
The watches they did stand
When Dave had the 12 to 4
Sue stayed and gave him a hand

There were many girls in Strathmere
But only three young Navy men
Judy, Suzanne and Eydie
Came out on the winners end

Judy tagged Pat as hers
Margie wanted him too
Patrick made the best choice
Left Margie feeling blue

After being here for quite a while
Their part of the mission was done
So they all had a few weeks
To get out and have some fun

Old Tom’s little MG
Was always within reach
Anytime of day or night
And even on the beach

Sue, Judy and myself
Spent lots of time at camp
Morning , noon and night time too
Even when it was damp

Just as suddenly as they came
They broke camp and went away
Maybe we’ll see them again
Somewhere, sometime, someway

Susan Dennis
Summer 1958
Strathmere NJ

These two pictures were sent by Carole Sproul Laughlin who writes - "I just came accross the Strathmere website and I was remembering the fun vacations I spent there. My father was an electrician and had a friend who was building a summer cottage in Strathmere. I do not remember the friend's name but I know he lived in Stratford NJ. Anyway, my father did the electrical work on his summer home and instead of paying him for the job, we got to use the house for our vacation for a number of years. The house was unfinished inside, but paradise to us since we had never gone on a vacation at the seashore. I do not know the name of the street. It was sand and there were other small cottages on the street....mostly new or being worked on. There was one main street you crossed and then onto the beach. I remember the store in one of the pictures....called Harkers Corner but it could have been called something else (then). We spent our time on the beach all day looking for shells and building sand castles. You could find the best shells on that beach! I remember it being very deserted and rural.
Attached are a two pictures I found. One is of my brother, Jimmy Sproul, cousin Billie Ann Myers and me...Carole Laughlin. The date on the picture is August 1951.
Another picture is of my Mom, Martha Sproul, cousin Priscilla, bro Jimmy and me Carole in front of our first car, A 1950 Ford. We had just arrived for our vacation. This must have been the first year we went since we did not have a car before that year.
I am going to go to Strathmere this summer and see if the house is still there. I haven't been there for over 55 years."

These 10 photos were given to the site by John Motter.
First is a view of the beach at Webster in 1959. Then next are two 1965 views. The middle photo is of the 'Indian Rocks' or what's left of them. They were once on the outside wall of a concrete house that stood on the beach at Sherman. The house collapsed in the hurricane of 1944, and for many years the wall with the Arts and Craft Indian mosaic was a favorite place for kids to play on. Anything that might still remain of them are under sand on the beach. The 2nd photo is a view of the beach in 1965.

Next is a view of Webster, coming from the beach, looking towards the bay.
The 2nd photo is a house that has now been remodeled.
Then Two 1972 beach views. First is the beach at Webster, then the beach at Sherman

This photo of the empty trailer park was taken in February 1973
This 1998 photo shows a view of Whale Beach after a storm

These 2 photos are of the upstairs lounge at the Bayview Motel, taken sometime in the early 1970's.

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