Vintage postcards

This postcard was sent to the website by Michael Cornwell. It is from the early 1900s and it shows the 'Strathmere Bath House' which was a public bathing house built in the late 1800s. Day Trippers would come by train would use to the bath house to change, possibly rent swimsuits for the day. The building was converted to a home and it still stands today on Sumner.

First is a very early view from the bay looking north (see the old water tower?) The 2nd is a postcard view of the beach

The Coast Guard Building - The Boat House overlooking the bay

A view from the bay, looking north. Postmarked 1911. The sender of the postcard mentions on the back that they are staying in the Gables house, and they have a faint arrow pointing to the house on the front of the card.

A side view of the West Jersey Cottage when it was on Winthrop, with our house next to it. Postmarked 1921.
The front mentions the Famous Corson's Inlet Fishing Grounds.

A view of Winthrop and the West Jersey Railroad train station. The station use to be where the car bridge is now.

Whitkamp's Wharf, Corson's Inlet NJ. Post marked 1908. This is a view of the beach on the bay in front of where the West Jersey Cottage and the West Jersey Railroad station was located. That's the railway bridge in the background.
The name should actually be Wittkamp.

Store & Post Office on Commonwealth.
The McCullough family built the general store which also housed Strathmere's first Post office in the Teens.

The bungalow of John Schmid, post marked 1913. This card was given to the website by Buzz Kiefer.

A postcard of a whale that washed ashore in Strathmere in 1929. This card was given to the website by Buzz Kiefer.

A view of the original auto bridge in Strathmere, from the 1930s. This car bridge came over the bridge just below the Deauville Inn. This card was given to the website by Buzz Kiefer.

Aerial view from the bay, probably from the 1950's.


This postcard was given to us by Loretta Panunto. It is postmarked 1913, and shows a Bungalow on Tecumseh.
In the background you can see Carother's Cottage on the right and if you look closely, you can also see the train on the left side of the cottage, in the background.

Girard Brothers offered a $795 cottage available for purchase in Strathmere.

The following 5 postcards came from Pete O'Kane

The whale postcard is dated 1929

These postcards were given to us by Ella Diamond

From Loretta Panunto - a postcard of our bridge, probably from the late 1960's. You can see way in the distant that there use to be houses on the other side of the bridge. Those were vacated and destroyed in the late 60's.

Strathmere Home

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