Dick Shetler - Strathmere Photos

The family home on Whale Beach in 1938. The home was built by Jane Shetler's father Howard Eisenhardt, who was an engineer for Socony Mobile. The original house stood on Buchanon Ave in Whale Beach, before the hurricane of 1944. Buchanon Ave. used to be on the Ocean side of Commonwealth Ave, and was located 2 blocks north of Taylor Ave.

The house after the hurricane in 1944

More 1944 hurricane photos from Whale Beach

Rebuilding the house after the hurricane. The 2nd version of the house was built again on Buchanon Ave. on the Ocean side of Whale Beach. The first photo shows Jane, aged 10, sitting on the stringers for the new house

Two photos of the house after a storm in the early 1950s

The house after the 1962 storm

Four more Whale Beach photos taken after the 1962 storm

Preparing to move the house from Buchanon to Tecumseh, several months after the 1962 storm

The truck backs under the house

And on it's way north on Commonwealth

Getting into place on Tecumseh

Next are some storm photos from the early 1990s.

Tecumseh looking towards the bay

Four flooded views of Bayview

Totally flooded looking north up Bayview

Some beach damage

Two more street views after 1990s storms

Two frozen icey views of the Bay

Construction on the beach

Strathmere home

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