Strathmere Trailer Park Photos

This photo was sent to us by Richard Dardine. Richard remembers - "It's of my maternal grandparents, Charles and Katherine Frank, of Philadelphia. I recognize the trailer as the one I visited with them and my parents around 1949~50 or so. When I was there, it was to help clean up the trailer, as it hadn't been used in several years, and was full of sand that had blown in through every minute opening; also, my folks were evaluating whether it was worth keeping, as my grandparents were planning to move to Miami when my grandfather retired. I was only about 5 or 6 years old, so I walked to the beach (about 50 yard or so, as I recall) while the adults cleaned. I got about 10 steps onto the beach when I was set upon by a flock of the infamous green-heads. It was my first exposure to a biting insect, much less one the actually drew blood! I ran screaming back to the trailer, forgoing a beach stroll."

This photo was sent to the website by Susan Schmidt. Susan says - "My dad took the pic. Herb Davis of Roxborough. My Mom Helen, my brother Herby and me Susan. Best vacation I can remember right on the beach."

These 1950s photos were donated to the site by Susan Dennis Winters

This group of 1960s photos was donated to the site by the Geisler Family (our first Trailer Park photos!)

This group of 1970s Trailer Park photos was sent to us by The Knast Family

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