Twisties Tavern on the Bay

Twisties Tavern on the Bay - started out as a speakeasy during prohibition. Owned by Howard & Gert Charleston, the building became officially locally liscenced in 1940 as 'The Bayview Inn'. In the 1950's Jimmy & Rose Twist bought the place and renamed it 'The Strathmere Inn' They ran a restaraunt with Rose & Joe 'Potatoes' working in the kitchen, and Jimmy tending bar. Local residents nicknamed it 'Twisties' The Twist's owned the building until the 1970's when it was sold to Marty Riordan. His son Gary and wife Denise took over the business in 2000 and renamed it 'Twisties Tavern on the Bay'. The tavern retains it's old charm from years gone by, and the interior remains unchanged. It's a favorite place for locals and vacationers to meet and enjoy homemade food.

Below are 2 old tax 'stamps' for retail liquor sales. From 1933 & 1936, issued to Howard Charleston

Visit their website - Twisties Tavern on the Bay - for more details about the tavern including their menu, more history and the mounted fish & coconut head collections!

Here are some early Twisties photos.

Howard & Gert Charleston


Strathmere home

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