1962 storm - whale beach

1962 Storm - Whale Beach & Northern Sea Isle

The first group of 6 photos were given to us by Robert Bradshaw, his grandfather owned the family's home on 2nd St & Sounds in Sea Isle during the 1960s.

The photos below were given to us by Maude Carty. Her family owned a house on Whale Beach.

The 3 photos below show all that was left of the Carty family's house was the roof.


This house had an entire wall torn off. Furniture was thrown about. But look closely and you will see that somehow the dishes managed to stay up on the shelves!


You can see right through this little pink beach house.


Looking north on Ocean Drive, you can see what remains of the beach front houses that use to stand there.


I believe that most of the photos below are from northern Sea Isle
There were several blocks of beachfront houses that were destroyed at Southern Whale Beach into Northern Sea Isle

Strathmere Home

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