Do you recognize anyone in these photos?

This photo was sent to us by Larry Hyer. In 1949, Larry worked at Harlan & Gogs Wittkamp's soda fountain, which also housed the town post office (Gogsie was the postmaster) and there was a gas station there too. This photo was taken inside of the post office, which in 1949, was on the corner of Williard & Commonwealth. (the building is now an Italian restaraunt) This was before the Wittkamp's moved to the building that currently houses the post office.
Larry took the photo and Gogs is #5. The others are kids who worked in the soda fountain, or for Harlan at the garage, and the others were friends and lifeguards.

    1. John R. Walsh, he was a lifeguard in Strathmere for several years
    2. This fellow was a mechanic who worked at the garage for Harlan
    3. Bob Muller, also was a member of the Beach Patrol, he married Peggy Garoh
    5. Gogs Wittkamp, Post Master of Strathmere
    6. George Carmona, another Strathmere lifeguard
    7. Charlie Dupont
    8. Joe Dawson
    9. Frank Mahoney
    10.Jimmie Garoh

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These 3 photos were sent to us by Lydia (Osborne) Cox. They are some fun loving girls from August of 1945. Do you recognize anyone that you know? Some girls have been identified, but some we are still unsure of. Try to guess who they are, and then see their names below. Two girls in the 3rd photo had not been identified.

First picture back row from L to R - Jane McCluskey, Cassie Andress, Kay Moorehead. Front row, Betty Doyle & Margie Walsh.
Second Picture - Back Row L to R - Margie Walsh, Cassie Andress, Mary Heinz, Nancy Unckle, Kay Moorehead. Front row L to R. Anna Clair Daily & Jane McCluskey
Third photo - The girls on the back row L to R are Cassie Andress, Margie Walsh, Jane McCloskey and Kay Moorehead. The middle row I do not know the first 2 girls. The third is Mary Heinz and the last is Anna Claire Daily. The girl in front is Nancy Unckle

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