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Here are photos of some of the older homes in Strathmere. This page features homes on the point. There is also a page for homes on the bay side, and 2 pages for the beach side. If you own any of the homes pictured, or if you can provide some history on any home, please email me with the info. If you have any older photos of your home, please send them in to be included. There are alot of se not all are currently shown here. If you'd like your home added please email me.

North Bayview

These 2 bay-front homes can be seen in this old photo from the early 1900's. They are the 2 brown-like houses in the front. The house on the left has remained in it's original style. The other home has an addition and some remodeling.

Early 1900s photo, the A-frame of the railroad bridge coming over the bay can be seen in the background.

The brown cedar shake was once owned by a sea captain named Captain Knupple (sp?) He died after WWII.
The old photo is a scan from a 1920s booklet called 'Strathmere by the Sea' - very little change!

This home was owned by the Carmona family for many years. They were year-round residents, and raised their children here. Luis Carmona was a Coast Guard man assigned to Strathmere from 1939 until his retirement in 1948. He was commander of the US Coast Station & in later years he worked as manager of the Corson's Inlet Water Company, and as a bridge tender at Corson's Inlet. He also captained for Dr. Rosenbach's two boats on weekends. Katharine J. Carmona taught elementary school in Marmora, Sea Isle City, Woodbine and Port Republic until retiring in the mid 1970's. The Carmonas were very active in the church in Strathmere and served as caretakers for many years.

The bottom photo - which shows this house in the background - was sent to us by Rick Martin.
Rick says "The photo is from September 1961 and the people are left to right, Rick Martin (3), Kent Martin holding Kimmy Martin (almost 1) Jane Martin, Helen Martin and Harry Martin. My granddad's Opel station wagon is parked in the street. I don't remember my times from Strathmere too much, except for a few: my mom (Jane) loved it down there, I remember having a plastic (toy) fishing pole and sitting on a dock or pier. I also seem to remember a night scene with many colored lights"

The old photo is a scan from a 1920s booklet called 'Strathmere by the Sea'. This home has been rebuilt as seen in the 2nd photo, but the home in the background of the old photo still stands, see below.

Remember this house? Loretta Panunto managed to snap a picture of it just before it was totally demolished.

This aerial photo is from the late 50's or early 60's (before the storm of '62)

This home has been torn down and a new house stands in it's place

The Spanish style house has been torn down and rebuilt.

David Barnett sent me his family's history with the house - "The house in the background of the "Navy camped out, 1958" picture (white stucco with red tile roof) was in my family for about 50 years - originally built by my grandfather Philip Carpenter in the 20's or 30's, the last house on the point until the Shermer house. There's a good picture under Strathmere homes, page 1 (the Spanish style house) . A hurricane in the mid-1970's took out the free-standing garage from the bay side but left the house. My family sold it shortly after; it was renovated by later owners and eventually demolished four or five years ago."

The Shermer's house at The Point corner of Neptune and Seaview.

The old photo was sent to us by Lydia Cox. It shows the two houses that are at the end of Seaview, from the 1940s.

In the late 1930s, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hodge bought the white house. Then Lydia Hodge's sister Valeria F. Penrose had the brown house next door built. Their families continued to vacation there until 1950 or there abouts.

The turquoise house in the 3rd photo has since been torn down and rebuilt.

This East Seacliff house once stood beach front before the storm of 1962. Rich Robertson sent me the older photos here from when his grandparents The Stouts owned the house.

The 1st black and white photo shows the house when it was literally on the beach on Neptune, near Williams.

Luckily the home didn't appear to have much exterior damage after the 1962 storm (a few houses north of it on the beach totally collpased) But the family was told that they had to move the house off of the beach. The closest lot available at that time was on Seacliff.

The house was too wide for the lot on Seacliff, so the far right section of the house was removed and set slightly back on the new lot.

The other photos show the house just after the 1962 storm while the house was still on the beach at Neptune. You can see the old Coast Guard tower in the 2 of the photos.

Merritt O. Brown Jr. built this house between 1969-1970. He lived there year round with his family until he sold it in the late 1990's to the present owners

Merritt Sr. and Helen Brown owned and lived year round in this house. Originally it was 4 apartments, now it is 3 condos. It has been lifted since this photo was taken.

Winthrop Road
Postcard from the Teens-1920s of Winthrop Road

The old photo is a scan from a 1920s booklet called 'Strathmere by the Sea'. The hotel was moved to the corner of Willard & Commonwealth, the Annex still stands.

The annex to the hotel, after it was built in 1902.

West Jersey Cottages History

Fishing at West Jersey Cottages
This home has been rebuilt.

This photo was taken in 1957, from the corner of Williams road, looking north up Neptune. It shows the old Coast Guard Tower on the point, and the houses that use to be beachfront, before the storm of 1962.

Williams Road

This photo shows all 3 of the Strathmere houses, built by John R. May. The first house on the left is a back view of the house on Willard Road. The two other houses are on Williams Road. The white house was built about 1960, the red in 1968. The Williams Road houses have been totally remodeled and don't look anything like they do in this photo, probably taken in the early 1970s.

The yellow has on the left has been lifted moved to the corner of Williams & Commonwealth.

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